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Sans Soleil - Chris Marker (trailer 30th anniversary)

Stretching the genre of documentary, this experimental essay-film is a composition of thoughts, images and scenes, mainly from Japan and Guinea-Bissau, two...

Sans Soleil Chris Marker - FraIta

Sans Soleil Chris Marker Les lettres de Sandor Krasna sont lues par Florence Delay dans la version française, Bande électro-acoustique: Michel Krasna...

Sans Soleil - Poetry will be made by everyone

A great scene monologue from Sans Soleil (Sunless), directed by Chris Marker in 1983. The title is from the song cycle Sunless by Modest Mussorgsky.

Sans Soleil - The First Minute

This is the first minute of Chris Markers landmark sans soleil. Out on Blu-ray, :

Sans soleil Chris Marker

égalité du regard.

Sans Soleil (1983) Repair the web of time.

Here a Japanese couple repairs the web of time in case thier cat Tora who is a runaway, dies. Enjoy!

Junkopia - A Short Film by Chris Marker

Codirected by Frank Simeone and John Chapman, junkopia was filmed at the Emeryville Mudflats outside of San Francisco while Chris Marker was also...

Sans Soleil (1983) Intro

This is the intro to Sans Soleil. I cant wait to get this on dvd!!

Extraits Sans Soleil - Chris Marker

Guinée Bissau - Japon.