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Xena & Gabrielle - Scandalous HOT VIDEO

my another youtube account was erased if you have problems with the video please check my vimeo account: info in my channel.

Xena & Gabrielle - Make it hot

watch in hd please! * No copyright infringement intended. I do not own the songs nor the clips used in my videos.

Xena and Gabrielle- Sexy Dance (Eyes on Me)

no copyright infringement intended * Soundtrack Celine Dion- Eyes on Me

Xena & Gabrielle - Sexy Girl

Video about sexy girl Gabrielle..:-))

Sexy, I Can Xena and Gabrielle

Xena wants to know if her advances are wanted. Gabrielle encourages her Warrior as best she can.

Xena/Gabrielle Jai Ho (Xena: Warrior Princess music video)

This video explores the highs/lows, ever-evolving relationship, and path choices of Xena and Gabrielle during the India arc of season 4 (Devi, Between the...

Xena Music Video Wanted: Gabrielle and Ares

even the god of war has trouble keeping up with a hormonally-charged gabrielle... Im dedicating this video to my vidding partner-in-crime jill, whos a huge...

Xena Music Video: Hot N Cold

The original video of this went a little dodgy so I had to re edit the middle section. Sorry if its a little cruddy. Xxx Song Hot N Cold Artist: Katy Perry.

Xena Warrior Princess-Gabrielle- Sexy and i know it

dreul gab fans dreul! Clips: Whos gurkan? A tale of two muses Ulysees The Greater good Legacy The Prodigal Old ares had a farm The god you know If...

Xena & Gabrielle moments of love

One of the greatest vids of our legendary DeborahKizzy.