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Gabrielle/Hope/Xena HISTORY - Lies

Xena Hope - Daughter of Darkness

This was a hugh project all about who else than the daughter of darkness herself. Hope, daughter of Gabrielle and Dahak the evil one.

Children - (Xena, Gabrielle, Solan, Hope, Eve)

Arwen - Lullaby

Xena Hope, Gabrielle, and Xena

events around the experince of having the evil daughter Hope, enter their lives.

Xena, Gabrielle, Hope: Evanescence Lies

A look at the relationship between Gaby, Hope and Xenas during the season 3 and 4.

Gabrielles hope) Xena & Gabrielle


Xena - Gabrielles Hope

Xena - La esperanza de Gabrielle.

I know its over (A Gabrielle/Hope/Xena Music Video)

This is mainly about how the Hope story affected Gabrielle.. This song was so difficult to use! But because of some phrases I really had to use it for Gabby and...

Xena Gabrielles Hope Trailer

Xena Aries Gabrielle Hope Karma

song by Alicia Keys.