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Discovering China - The Han Dynasty-Chinas First Golden Age

The Han Dynasty began in 206 BC when a man named Liu Bang, who had been born a peasant, led a group of generals to overthrow the Qin dynasty.

Documentary The Rise and Fall of Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - 9 AD)

Playlist of documentaries about Chinese major dynasties:...

Gao and Lius Golden Buzzer Acrobatic Ballet Asias Got Talent 2015 Ep 2

Gao and Lius impossible, acrobatic ballet act wows the judges! Melanie C refuses to take any chances, and awards the lovebirds the Golden Buzzer.

2. Liu Bangs Army - White Vengeance Hong Men Yan OST

I decided to upload the whole album. I love this whole epic sounding soundtrack, but I was sad to see no one on youtube has the full thing up yet.... so I decided...

The Stories of Han Dynasty 2006

Hi, If you want to watch this tv serie as english subbed, you can watch it on the link below. Have fun:) The Stories of Han...

20130625 10 -hd


Gao and Lius GoldenBuzzer Acrobatic Tango Asias Got Talent Semis 1

Gao Lin and Liu Xin fuse acrobatics, tango, and ballet in this passionate, Goldenbuzzer winning performance.

Beijing welcomes you (Beijing Huan Ying Ni)

Ok here the song and with pinjin chinese for u to sing along, enjoy! Chen Tian Jia Ying jie ling yi ge chen xi dai lai quan xin kong qi Liu Huan - Qi xi gai bian...

H Ly Tinh - The Extreme Fox 2014 Phim Kim Hip Hài hc

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Whose Utopia(shei de wu tuo bang)-angela zhang shao han download link and pinyin lyrics

heres a download link enjoy!! Pinyin Lyrics: ah ah ah oh oh Utopia... Ah ah...