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Zoom 9000

i love zoom 9000 it has a lovely distortion tone , the drums with yamaha dd10 the bass with yamaha psr6 recording software is cool edit pro v2.

Effektgerät (Zoom 9000 mit Hagstrom F29T)

Hab ma 2 schöne Effekte vom Zoom 9000 ausgesucht und ein bisschen was gespielt hoffe es gefällt:) Gitarre: Hagstrom F20T.

Zoom G1xn Demo, Presets

A Demonstration of the Zoom G1xn Multieffects Pedal. ( I am not an experienced guitarist, just an amateur... ) If anyone requests a settings review i will oblige...

Zoom G1X Multi effects pedal Review

Yo guys, just finished my first review Zoom G1X pedal i bought this pedal 4 years ago, so far ive only seen sound demos of this pedal i. e people just sitting...

Kam pi-test to ibanez guitor & zoom 2100 effect


Metallica Cover - Seek and Destroy

me playing the rhythm guitar of seek and destroy from the album killem all by metallica using the jackson RR3. The drums and guitar distortion come from the...

Zoom G1XN Wah-Wah Test

I had a question about the wah-wah effect of the G1XN, so this is it! (I wanted to test it for myself too...) If you have any questions, maybe I can help you.(English...

Zoom G1 Demo

the electric guitar (Hofner) is connected to Boss CS1 sustainer then to the Zoom G1. The Drums is by the internal drum machine of the Zoom G1. the bass and...

DIY Unlatched Footswitch Zoom Pedal Boss DD-7, DD-20 (Tap Tempo, Bank Switch, Amp)

I used this on my zoom but this will work on other instruments, amps, and effects pedals. (It works as a tap tempo pedal for the Boss DD-7. I tried recently)...

Multieffetto per chitarra zoom g2

prova (nuova pedaliera effetti)