Jasig cas vulnerability - SFR
Leveraging OWASP in Open Source Projects - Aaron Weaver, David Ohsie, Bill Thompson

Leveraging owasp in Open Source Projects cas AppSec Working Group - Aaron Weaver, David Ohsie, Bill Thompson The cas AppSec Working Group is a...

Irdeto - Insecurity of Things and a Path Forward

Irdeto VP of Advanced Strategies Stuart Rosove quantifies IoT vulnerabilities and outlines a solution path (17:52).

How does web SSO work (Single Sign-On for web applications)

Understand how Evidian Web sso gives access to all your web applications when you are outside your Enterprise.

JEE Authentication mechanisms

security in jee.

Video SSO (single-sign-on ) in de zorg met Imprivata

Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer Single Sign On Test

Overview of the new Single Sign On Test coming to the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer.

Continuous and transparent user identity verification for secure internet services

Gagner Technologies offers M. E projects based on ieee 2014. M. Phil Research projects, Final Year Projects, M. E projects 2014-2015, mini projects 2014-2015,...

Security Analysis of a Single Sign On Mechanism for Distributed Computer Networks

2013 ieee On Network Security For Further Details Contact: K. Manjunath - , and...

Top 5 Single Sign On Myth Buster Myths Presented by Special Guest Patrick Botz

Single Sign-On (sso) is a phrase that everyone uses, but few bother to define. This leads to invalid assumptions, confusion and often failure to gain approval for...

Single Sign-On for Web Applications

Describes how DirectControl provides Active Directory-based single sign-on for web applications, including a discussion of how DirectControl supports Microsoft...