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The Coanda Effect

A simple experiment using (i) running water from a tap, and (ii) air blown through a straw, as it flows over the back of a vertically hanging plastic teaspoon are...

How to float a ping pong ball on air - The Coand Effect

Widely explained using the Bernoulli principle, this phenomenon is actually dominated by the Coanda effect. Instagram: ...

Aesir Coanda-effect VTOL UAV

Aesir video of its prototype vertical take-off and landing unmanned aircraft, which uses the Coanda effect to generate lift by blowing air from a central fan over its...

Effet Coanda-8

Effet Coanda-9

test de la pale sans bord dattaque. Le fluide à tendance à ne pas suivre le profil jusquau bout.

Surprising Applications of the Magnus Effect

How far would a basketball with backspin go? Rotor wing experimental aircraft E-ship 1: Corner...

Coanda Effect Car 2

I took this fan blade out of a solar powered air vent and thought it might work for a Coanda effect car. It has taken me several months to find the time to try it.

Coanda Effect Lift Testing

This is the second video in the Coanda Craft series. In this video, I conduct some some testing to find out whether a Coanda craft is capable of generating more...

Leffet Coanda

Une balle de ping-pong, un sèche cheveux... et du souffle. Toutes les explications sur ScienceXpress.

Coanda Effect Explained! UFO Technology

In this video I explain what the Coanda effect is, and how it can be used to make a vtol flying saucer. Over the next few weeks, I am going to be doing some...